Starting background process GTX4 and GLOBAL_TXN_PROCESSES

Starting background process GTX4
Tue Jan 01 15:51:12 2012
GTX4 started with pid=64, OS id=11122
Tue Jan 01 15:51:43 2012
Auto-tuning: Starting background process GTX5

Auto-tuning: Shutting down background process GTXi Like messages in alert log in RAC database

This event is recorded in RAC environment only, which is normal. 
 Its normal for the database to automatically tune the number of these processes based on the workload of XA global transactions. If any application which using XA transaction and connecting to oracle RAC database, is it required. This normal behavior and you do not have to worry about this error messages.
 If you are sure that you are not using XA and want to stop these messages. You can disable the GTXn background processes, then you must set GLOBAL_TXN_PROCESSES to 0 in your parameter file. Setting this parameter to 0 will disable the XA support on an Oracle RAC database.
GLOBAL_TXN_PROCESSES specifies the initial number of GTXn background processes (GTX0, ... GTX9 and GTXa, ... GTXj) per instance to support global (XA) transactions in an Oracle RAC environment.

Error ORA-55712 will be returned if you try to run XA transactions on an Oracle RAC database with this parameter set to zer0. You can change the setting to a nonzero value at runtime to turn on the support for XA.
GLOBAL_TXN_PROCESSES is useful for systems that process global (XA) transactions heavily. You do not need to specify a value for this parameter since Oracle Database automatically determines the number of processes and autotunes them, as necessary. GTXn background processes are only seen in an Oracle RAC environment.


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