steps to minimize the archive log generations

 steps to minimize the archive log generations ,Few more recommendations, see below:- 

1) Regarding the tables that are involved in this data activity/loads. 
Please alter the DDL of the tables to avoid redo log generation using options like NOLOGGING. It should boost DB performance significantly.must use  append and nologging hint in the insert query.
However, with this kind of change, you should do RMAN database backups immediately after your db loads are finished (for disaster recovery in the future, if needed).

2) Use GLOBAL TEMPORARY tables to store temp activity instead of regular tables. It should cut down redo generation & improve DB performance.

3) Spread your data load & update jobs to different timings, particularly when working on the same tables. It should avoid queuing-up/wait events.

4) Again, ensure redo logs/temp files are stored under different mount points than the data files (basically different controller on the storage array). Otherwise, there would be lot of contention with the I/O activity resulting in slowness.


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